AY Mono-tube shock absorber products are designed by qualified engineers,utilizing the latest solid modeling CAD and FEA(Finite Element Analysis) engineering,most of the design and configurations are tailored to meet each customer's requirements.
Mono-Tube Shock Cylinder Grinding        
AY all mono-tube shock absorber
cylinders are processed by high
precision grinding. The roughness
of the inner hole surface of all
cylinders processed by grinding
can reach 0.025um, and the roundness can reach 0.002mm. High enough finish means low friction coefficient, and low friction coefficient means high performance and long service life.

AY shock absorber uses the best Fuchs shock absorber oil made in Germany to ensure the high performance and stability of AY shock absorber.
Damping Force Dyno Test
All AY shock absorbers must
pass 100% damping test before
leaving the factory to ensure the consistency and stability of each shock absorber.
Bangkok International Auto Salon 2023 ( Our Booth No. was E33 )

Bangkok International Auto Salon 2023 was held on 28th, Jun -2nd, Jul. 2023. It is the largest modified car show in Thailand.

SEMA Show 2019 ( Our Booth No. was 70005 )

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 ( Our Booth No. was 1139 )

Tokyo Auto Salon originated from 1983. This exhibition has a history of 36 years. It is also known as the world's three major modified auto shows with Sema Show inUSA and Essen Motor Show in Germany.

SEMA Show 2018 ( Our Booth No. was 33345 )

SEMA Show is as famous as Essen Motor Show in Germany, and is one of the three world-renowned modification exhibitions.

Essen Motor Show 2017 ( Our Booth No. was 9B 101 )

Essen Motor Show, is the largest international modified event in Europe. Together with SEMA Show in USA and Tokyo Auto Salon in  Japan, it is listed as the world's three major modified auto shows.

Bangkok International Auto Salon 2016 ( Our Booth No. was F54 )

Bangkok International Auto Salon (BIAS ) is the largest modified car exhibition in Thailand and the largest modified car exhibition in ASEAN.

Automechanika Shanghai 2014 ( Our Booth No. was WC17 )

Automechanika Shanghai is the second largest auto parts brand exhibition in the world after the parent exhibition in Automechanika Frankfurt, Germany.


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